MyFord Mobile

What is MyFord Mobile?

MyFord Mobile is a smartphone app and website that allows Ford plug-in owners to maintain contact with their vehicle from just about anywhere, anytime. Owners can access vehicle information and a range of remotely controlled functionality. How does it work? MyFord Mobile uses an onboard wireless module integrated into the plug-in model, allowing the vehicle to communicate with the secure Ford cloud service through familiar cellular technology.

Register as an Owner

> Register your email address
> Register your VIN
> Access MyFord Mobile features
Limited access before 24 hours of activation for security reasons
(Full access after 24 hours of activation)

Key navigation categories of the app

1. Home screen
  • Where the vehicle is located
  • What the vehicle is doing (charge cord will be attached if the vehicle is charging)
  • Charge status (if the vehicle is charging)
  • Status of battery charge and distance to empty
  • Gasoline gauge for plug-in hybrid models
2. Battery icon
  • Detail on battery range and state of charge
  • Potential range after charging
  • For plug-in hybrid models: EV range, hybrid range and total range
  • Value Charge or Charge Now selection
3. Station Finder icon
  • See charging station locations relative to the vehicle location
  • Tap on a location to bring up the location details
4. Remote Control icon
  • > Plugged-in or unplugged status
  • > Remote start
  • > Lock/unlock

What are GO Times?

GO Times enable owners to enhance their departure times. While the vehicle is plugged in, GO Times can be set to begin the vehicle’s cabin conditioning (heat or cool it) without using battery power. This helps ensure that owners use as much of the plug-in charge as possible and still have a full battery for their next trip.

What are Value Charge Profiles?

Value Charge Profiles allow your car to charge when electricity prices are lower and can control charge settings for a preset location. You can set up Value Charging for any location where you have previously charged by creating a Value Charge Profile.

EV Dealership and Consumer Resources:

Click here for Fuel Cost Worksheet

Customer FAQs

1. What are my options for upgraded charging stations?

Leviton: $849 plus installation ($900) if needed*
  • 18-foot cable, indoor/outdoor, 3-year Leviton limited warranty
  • 18-foot cable, indoor/outdoor with one-day turnkey professional standard installation, 3-year installation limited warranty and 10-year Leviton limited warranty
  • Visit Leviton: or call (877) 338-7473
AeroVironment: $999 plus installation ($900) if needed*
  • 25-foot cable, indoor/outdoor, 3-year AeroVironment limited warranty
  • 25-foot cable, indoor/outdoor, with one-day turnkey professional standard installation 3-year installation limited warranty and 3-year AeroVironment limited warranty
  • • Visit AeroVironment: or call (888) 219-6747
Upgraded charging stations benefit:
  • Focus Electric charge time reduced from 20 hours to 3.6 hours
  • Fusion Energi charge time reduced from 7 hours to 2.5 hours
  • C-MAX Energi charge time reduced from 7 hours to 2.5 hours

2. Are any federal income tax credits available?

  • Plug-in vehicle owners may be eligible for a U.S. federal income tax credit through the new Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit
  • $7,500 for all-electric vehicles and $4,007 for plug-in hybrids.
  • Learn more at

3. When I’m not at home, where can I charge?

  • Workplace charging is now more common and considered an “up-and-coming” employee benefit. You may want to discuss this option with your employer. Owners can use MyFord Mobile or the onboard Charge Station Locator to find nearby charging stations. There are over 20,000 public charging stations in the U.S. Drivers can also visit or to see the growing list.

4. What’s the price for a full charge?

  • The price of electricity for a full charge varies between a 120-volt outlet and an available 240-volt home charging station. 240-volt charging uses less kilowatt hours because the vehicle charges faster.


240-volt: $2.40
= $0.12(2) x 20 kilowatt hours

120-volt: $3.00
= $0.12 x 25 kilowatt hours


240-volt: $0.85
= $0.12 x 7.1 kilowatt hours

120-volt: $0.94
= $0.12 x 7.8 kilowatt hours

*Using a national average electricity rate of $0.12 per kilowatt hour. Actual price will vary based on individual utility rates.

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